Digital Precision Comes to Eye Care at Horvath Vision Care


Introducing CLARIFYE





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What it means to our patients:

  • Digitally precise prescription for crisper clearer vision
  • Total eye health assessment to protect your sight long term
  • Better vision at night

The Clarifye combines the precision of advanced digital technology with the personalized touch of our skilled Optometrists to protect your precious sight.


Precision - We call it the CLARIFYE


We'll scan and precisely measure your eyes like never before. Super-precise digital measurements will pinpoint your visual prescriptions so you'll see your best.


For most people this means no more "which is better..... 1 or 2" guesswork.


Night vision challenges


Your doctor will now be able to diagnose if your vision actually changes at night, as your pupil dilates. Digital precision makes this possible, so we can help eliminate the annoying blur, glare and halos and starbursts that can make driving at night more stressful and risky.


One-on-one with our skilled Optometrists


You'll review your results together, viewing the advanced digital images of your eye for a comprehensive assessment of your eye health and vision.


your doctor will recommend a digitally precise prescription, advise you about lenses that are customized for your lifestyle needs, and recommend important steps you should take to protect your sight long term.


Experience eye care at its best


CLARIFYE - Only at Independent Doctors of Optometry located next to LensCrafters